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Gymnastics builds strong bodies, good self esteem, and flexibility.

Gymnastics is a goal-oriented sport. Becoming a good gymnast teaches the student to set goals and develop a plan of action. A gymnast learns to monitor their progress relative to their plan.

When goals are not achieved, the gymnast must modify the plan to continue to progress. This process of goal setting, self-evaluation and behavior modification develops skills necessary for success not only in gymnastics but also in life.

Success in gymnastics develops from achieving the goals set by the individual and contributes to developing good self-esteem.

The physical skills developed by gymnastics include strength, flexibility, coordination, and spatial awareness. These are skills necessary for success in many sports, thus time spent in gymnastics, especially by younger children, can contribute to success in other sports without the contact inherent in other sports.

Since the gymnast progress at her own rate, learning takes place in a positive reinforcing environment.